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Tantalising the taste buds

Ibiza’s varied and exquisite food supply has given rise to a culinary wisdom handed down from generation to generation and enriched by the various cultures that settled on the island throughout its long history. Ibiza recipe books are replete with delicious dishes: rice, fowl, lamb, fish, seafood, wild fungi, wild asparagus and more.

deliciosos platos; arroz, aves, cordero, pescado, arisco, setas silvestres, espárragos trigueros

Enjoying the unique gastronomic tradition of Ibiza at some of the most charming locations on the island has never been so inviting. The gastronomic initiative IBIZA SABOR, held from 20th April until 28th May, aims to pay homage to the island’s most emblematic products and flavours and includes the Spring Gastronomic Workshops and the II Mediterranean Gastronomic Forum. Over 50 restaurants are participating and will be preparing themed menus fusing tradition and modernity.

Several events will be organised centred on local cuisine, including visits to organic farms and wineries, and cooking workshops specialising in the island’s products, such as red shrimps, lobster, “sobrasada”, or sweet potatoes.

Enhance the experience with a wine tasting on April 30th at SLUIZ in Santa Gertrudis, which will be celebrating its sixth wine festival and offering over 100 wines to tantalise the taste buds this spring!

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