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The red earth of Ibiza

Some five million years ago, the Pitiusas separated from the Iberian Peninsula and the genuine flora and fauna of Ibiza have been developing ever since. Drastic changes ensued between extremely dry and humid climates, thus eroding our mountains and hills. The Pitiusas are formed by sedimentary rock, so our soil is composed of marvellous nutritious sediments. The striking Red Earth that characterises Ibiza owes its colour to the iron it contains.

Tierra roja de ibiza

Our soil… clayey, permeable and of a deep reddish colour. One might think that it is a barren soil when seeing the cracks on its surface, and yet in spite of the scarce rains that fall on our island, the soil of our fields is very fertile. Its great capacity to retain large quantities of water in the subsoil, just a few metres underground, makes it a fertile soil, capable of treating us to tasty vegetables and sweet and juicy fruits.

A Soil that gifts us its beauty and nourishes us with healthy and tasty food…

Las Pitiusas están formadas por roca sedimentaria, así que nuestra tierra está compuesta de maravillosos sedimentos nutritivos. La llamativa Tierra Roja que caracteriza Ibiza tiene ese color gracias al hierro que contiene.

Nuestra tierra… una tierra arcillosa, permeable y de un intenso color rojizo. Uno podría pensar que es una tierra yerma al ver esas grietas en su superficie, sin embargo y a pesar de las pocas lluvias que riegan nuestra isla, la tierra de nuestros campos es muy fecunda. Su gran capacidad de retener gran cantidad de agua en el subsuelo, a pocos metros del exterior, hace que sea una tierra fértil, capaz de regalarnos unas hortalizas sabrosas y unas frutas dulces y jugosas.

Una Tierra que nos regala su belleza y nos nutre con sabrosos y sanos alimentos.

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