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Flavours of Ibiza - The Ibiza Watermelon

It is known by all that watermelon is an important source of hydration for our body. Moreover, it has a high content of vitamin A and lycopene (both antioxidants), is rich in fibre, low in calories… On the island of Ibiza, however, watermelon is not only a fruit typical of the summer season, but there is also a story and memories behind it… for watermelon represents a little piece of Ibicencan tradition.

La Sandía Ibicenca

The popular afternoon snack in Puig des Molins, “Sa Berenada”, is a tradition that has been passed down through the generations. On August 8th, 1235, the troops of the Catalan-Aragonese Crown entered the town of Ibiza and put an end to the subordination of Ibiza to Al-Andalus.

Since then, “Sa Berenada” is celebrated in the place where the Catalan and Christian troops disembarked. It is a festivity in which neighbours, family members, friends and more, come together to share a large popular paella, potato omelette, and of course, the enormous and delicious watermelons of our island.

At the Rural Hotel Can Pujolet, we want our guests to discover that little bit of our tradition, that they may enjoy tasting the authentic flavour of our watermelons freshly harvested from our friend Vicente’s garden. It is not an offer, so much as a sharing…

Because watermelon is more than a simple fruit for us, it is a “Flavour of Ibiza”.

***Watermelon and Ibicencan potatoes have the quality seal “Flavours of Ibiza”

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