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Ecotourism y agrotourism in Ibiza

Ibiza has it all when it comes to accomodation. Before flights are even booked, most have an idea of what their base camp should offer, whether that be charming boutique hotels, luxurious cliffside resorts, budget hostels, private villas, or hotels offering a pre-clubbing fix.

Also in the mix, and on a steep increase compared to the more popular choices above, are havens which cater for tourists engaged in agritourism or ecotourism. Both are related, in that they’re concerned with nature, although there are differences. With the former, the clue is in the title – it’s more often directly related to agricultural activities – with a farm playing host and guests experiencing natural, unspoiled landscapes. With the latter, it’s about respecting nature, actively working to preserve and conserve the environment, and better understanding the needs of local people to help improve their quality of life.  

Growth in these niche market types of tourism is really positive to see considering the widespread anxiety we have about the environment. We’re all becoming increasingly more informed of the individual impact we have on our planet, both positive and negative, and with that comes crucial lifestyle changes and evolving tourist behaviour.

Anyone who’s open to reading Ibiza headlines beyond opening party dates and line-up announcements, should be aware of the island’s rising environmental concerns, especially within the last few years as tourist numbers have soared to record highs. The White Isle is endowed with unique natural wealth. Ibiza is stunning, and it’s also small - 572 km² to be exact. Water wastage, road congestion, pollution and carbon emissions are the major concerns that have been stressed.

In the last decade, more and more farm-based hotels in Ibiza have cropped up, giving ample choice to a different form of Balearic tourism. Making a break for rural corners of the island to enjoy the fruits this area offers while promoting sustainable tourism should almost definitely earn a spot on your bucket list of holidays breaks.

A stay at Rural Can Pujolet, an intimate farm retreat to the north of the island, is very much an authentic, unique experience suited to the agritourists and ecotourists. The hotel itself is a mid-eighteenth century traditional ibicencan house, surrounded by sprawling, undisturbed countryside. Fruit trees decorate the farmland surrounding the finca, providing much of the fruit you’ll be devouring at Can Pujolet, and its ibicencan vegetable garden also contributes to the delicious organic produce served here.

After walking through the forests of Es Amunts, trailing the area’s stunning coastlines, or climbing Camp Vell – Ibiza’s second highest mountain – for inimitable panoramic views across the island, you’ll be rewarded with the garden’s swimming pool. Crystal-clear due to salt being used in place of harsh chemical products, you’ll appreciate the salinity and sensation of connecting to nature.

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